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Photo of kitchen with LED downlights

Why Us?

  • Our everyday special: $49.95 all inclusive
    it covers retrofitting downlights and halogen spotlights with our standard range of 13W LED downlights or spotlights
  • We offer a selected range of products which perfectly blend into the ceiling:
    choose from our demo suitcase. You want light, not lights
  • We explain, suggest and demonstrate (up the ladder) various options such as:
    • Light colours
    • Spotlights in certain locations
    • How to improve lighting
  • We come usually within 24hrs. You may contact us almost 24/7
    We can arrange demonstrations in the dark, to husband and wife with no time pressure
    This includes weekends and public holidays
  • Warranty? Dimmable? Certificate? Pink batts? Find most answers here

make use of our experience what customer want and what makes them happy!

Call us for advice or book a demonstration to see what we can do for you