Frequently Asked Questions

Some quick answers regarding our $49.95 deal

Q. What is included in your $49.95 package deal?
A. All travel and labour costs for retrofitting, all parts required and GST. Some conditions apply

Which models are included in this deal?
A. Most LED downlights and spotlights

Q. Is the $49.95 deal valid for a
limited time only?
A. No, this is our standard offer

Q. Are they installed by a
registered electrician?
A. Yes, it's compulsory

​Q. Do I get a
Certificate of Compliance?
A. Yes, it's compulsory

​Q. What is your
warranty period?
A. 3 Years including replacement within a few days (depending on distance)

​Q. What is the
lifespan of your LED downlights
A. Watch this video

​Q. Are your LED lights
A. Yes. Note: all LED lights on the market need a special type of dimmer. If you already have existing dimmers, replacement may become necessary

​Q. Do you
install dimmers as well?
A. Yes, cost of $89.50 incl labour and materials

Q. Can they be covered with
pink batts?
A. Yes

​Q. What is involved when you change our downlights?
A. In most cases is a quick job which does not interfere with your life
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