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Improve Lighting For You

Let us help you choose the best lighting solution for your space

  • Neutral whites for brighter lighting and accurate colour representation
  • Important when selecting outfits or applying makeup
  • Spotlights over work surfaces provide productive and directed lighting where you need it

  • More downlights or a brighter single light?
  • We take the guesswork out of the equation
  • We will position downlights for bright, even lighting
  • No more shadows!

  • Retrofitting means more than just light for light
  • often there are NO extra costs involved, we want happy customers
  • We explain, suggest and demonstrate various options such as:
    • Light colours (temperatures)
    • Focused vs. wide angle lighting
    • Different styles of light fittings

Call us for advice or book a demonstration to see what we can do for you